Risk Management Audits

We stop frequency of injury in its tracks.

Risk Management Audits

Teaching your employees to think before they act.

Risk Management Audits

Creating a real safety culture within your business.

Risk Management Audits

A well-run safety program is a profit center, not an expense.

Who We Are

Risk Management Audits (RMA) is a consulting company specializing in safety programs and OSHA consulting. Our main focus is to reduce or eliminate on-the-job injuries, which will lower your experience modification and results in lower workers compensation premiums. To date, RMA has had a 96% success rate in getting experience modifications down. One of our current clients had a modification rate of 168% and now has a 73%.

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A “mock” OSHA safety compliance audit is conducted asking the same questions you would be asked in an actual audit conducted by OSHA. The results will be submitted in a written report to management. This report will point out the deficiencies, if any, in your program and how to correct them.

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