Gary Heppner, owner of Risk Management Audits, was a broker/agency owner for 30 years, handling large workers compensation accounts. His expertise is in setting up safety programs and managing open injury claims and overseeing to close them out. In 1997, he sold his agency. For the past 22+ years, he has specialized in safety/OSHA compliance. He is a professional speaker, going to all 50-states once a month via telecast. Each month, he speaks on how to make your safety program a profit center. He is available to on-site to speak to your company or event. RMA is independent, not employed by OSHA, not a division of any financial services, insurance company, insurance broker or agency. RMA does not sell any insurance products.


 Gary’s experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Metal workers
  • Feed mills, cold storage
  • Agri-business of all kinds
  • Manufacturing (light to heavy)
  • Fertilizer retails and product manufacturers
  • Employers with ergonomic exposures
  • Telecast for CPE Sollutions LLC Florida. Gary has been doing a 1-hour session once a month on OSHA for the past 3.5 years.
  • A featured cover story for the “American Rental Association” in May issue 2018 magazine that goes to over 10,000 members.
  • Periodically asked to investigate open claims for out-of-state workers compensation carrier.




“Mr. Heppner was recommended to us by our broker as having the knowledge and experience in getting our experience modification lower and he is doing just that….We have also assigned Mr. Heppner to manage our Safety Program for our other branches in Oregon and the State of Washington with positive results. We recommend him without hesitation.”


– Danny O’Day, President of Valley Fresh Foods, Inc.

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