Our Services

Primary Services:

  • Mock OSHA Safety Audit
  • Experience Modification Rate Reduction Plan
  • Safety Culture Infusion


Related Services:

  • Forklift Driver certification
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Safety meetings in Spanish and English
  • Drug/Alcohol training for drivers with CDL’s
  • Confined Space training
  • Hot Works training
  • Premium negotiation with carriers
  • Assistance with OSHA audits


RMA starts with an in-house audit of your current safety program. For a flat fee of $360.00, and a confidentially agreement, you will received a written report for management concerning the current condition of your safety program. This audit is close to the audit OSHA would conduct if they were evaluating your program.

The maximum monthly fee will be about the same as hiring a part-time clerical position until the project is completed.

Actual fees will be quoted in writing at the conclusion of the audit.

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